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Scars, Scarves, and Secular Sainthood

He said "Will you defeat them, your demons and all the non-believers?"

Jean Moulin
21 June
Dossier: Moulin, Jean
AKA: Romanin, Corp. Joseph Mercier, Jean Martel, Rex, Max, and others
Public C.V.:
Sous préfet of Albertville, 1925 - 1930*
Sous préfet of Châteaulin, 1930 - 1933
Chef de Cabinet, Air Ministry, 1933 - 1934, 1936 - 1938
Secretary General of the Somme, 1934
Préfet of the Aveyron, 1938*
Préfet of the Eure-et-Loir, 1938 - 1940*
Owner, Galerie Romanin, 1943 - ?
No, really:
Caricaturist and artist 'Romanin,' 1922 - ?
Smuggler, Arms & Aircraft to Spain, 1937
Plenipoteniary of Charles DeGualle, 1942 - ?
President Mouvements Unis des Resistance (MUR), 1942 - ?
President Conseil National de la Resistance (CNR), 1943 - ?
*Youngest in France

Personal Note:
A number of rumours have reached me at the Montparnasse bistro I currently frequant. With the assitance of my typist, I shall endevour to make them much worse address them within these pages and those at afterlife_cafe.

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